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We have already seen that personality is not one’s outward appearance, but the virtues that come from inward.
Good conversations, humility, descent dress-up, cleanliness, helping others, kindness-all are signs of a good personality.
 What one practices continuously turns out to be his character and character eventually turn out to be his personality. The personality of a person is developed in childhood only. 
 How to develop personality?
 Give attention to the below points
1.    Create good habits
Try for it and give up bad habits
2.    Entertain only good thoughts
Sincethoughts lead to actions and the actions reveal your personality, avoid evil thoughts without pampering them in Your mind. What you are thinking,that you will become
3.    Get good friends
Someone has said “Tell me who is your friend; I will tell you who you are”
The one who befriends a fox will learn how to howl.Get good friends; they are a treasure. Evil companions will lead you to destruction. 
4.    Practice hard work
Concentrate well in your studies; study each day’s lessons the same day there is none who became reputed without hard work. Never hesitate to work hard, for hard work will elevate you. 
5.    Avoid laziness
      Never postpone your work. Kabir Das said “Do now what you want to do today and today what you want to do tomorrow.” Procrastination has become the practice of many; hence tasks are never completed on time. 
6.    Abstain from
Liquor is destructive, smoking is injurious, drugsare dangerous. So bay farewell to all of them. , There are many who started with any of them once for temporary pleasure, but got addicted to it later. Keep away from unwanted friendship, smoking, liquor, drugs and other intoxicating agents, sexual books and cinemas etc.; Practice to say NO where ever you have to. 
7.    Follow good examples
          Read the biographies of achievers in life and follow their pattern; apply the virtues of others in your life. 
8.    Be disciplined 
         Punctuality, cleanliness, elegant attire, responsibility, good manners, organized life style etc. are part of discipline. Keep your body and dress always clean, do and complete your tasks on time, find out separate time for study and play. 
9.    Be goal-oriented 
Those who have agoal, alone can attain it. So foresee a goal, think of it and make it your life. ‘See dreams, live in it, fill the organs, brain and nerves of your body with its thoughts, avoiding all other thoughts” Swami Vivekananda said. 
10.    Thrive with hope
There has to be dreams in life. Abdul Kalam, The former President of India said ‘Dream; that is the success of your life”Problems, financial crisis all might obstruct your way; but you should not give up hope. 
11.    Respect and love
         The saying is ‘give respect and take respect’. Respect others while you becoming respective, honour elders, teachers, parents, people in authority or superiors.
 Similarly love others sincerely and unconditionally. A poet said”love is the essence of life” 1Cori:13 deals with love and present any other gift or sacrifice unequal to love 
12.    Trust in God
         The key to all success is- absolute dependency and trust in God Almighty. The deep faith in God will lead you ahead each day. Believe firmly that God is able to deliver you from all crisis of life. Let faith in God be the foundation of your life’s success.
Few are those who did not have inferiority complex at some stage of their growth, where one feels low, insufficient, incapable or incompetent. One’s figure, colour, health, colour of hairs, nose, eyes, appearance, parents, family background, intellect, talents, circumstances, wealth, caste or religion- all these are criteria which are compared to that of others  to enable one feel inferior. 
 The reasons for this are various
1 Recognize yourself
We easily realize the plus points in others while we fail to do so with ourselves .We have to realize that we are unique. God who created you has created you unique. Thank God for that.  
2. The comments of others
 Do the comments of others weaken you? Do at least someone says that you are incompetent? Your circumstances are unfavorable? When others hurt you and talk low of you, you start confessing to yourself “ yes I am incapable, unable” ? Do you know, when Thomas Alwa Edison was in school, once his teacher wrote in his progress report that he was not teachable? . But his mother took it as a challenge and decided to teach him; If he has withdrawn by the comment of his teacher, world could not have had a famous scientist! Others’ words should not defeat us; if you recognize yourself, you can thrive forwards.
 3. Comparisons
     There are many who compare themselves with people who are greater than them and then mourn “Oh, I am useless, I can’t do anything” etc.  Don’t you see those around you who are weaker and lower than you in several aspects? Have you ever compared yourself with a blind person and said: Oh! How blessed I am!’ Have you ever thanked god for the intelligence he gave you, after seeing a mentally challenged? Have you ever thanked God for your limbs, after seeing one who lacks his hand or feet? Remember there are many 
 Around you who are weaker and lower than you: you are greater than them! So- 
4.    Failures 
 Failures and rejection can lead one to inferiority. Even fear of failure can be a cause as well. Failures are just steps towards success. If you retreat after failure, victory would be impossible. So learn morals from previous failures rectify them and press forwards to victory. One more thing we have to realize is any efforts or attempts without Christ – ends in failures. Your success is not decided by the material benefits you get today; but by what you are doing for mankind and God. So remember, if Jesus takes control of your life, he can transform your failure into Victory.  
 To win over your inferiority complex, know Jesus personally. Jesus loves you. He is well aware of the shortcomings and the weak points in your life. He is able to replace your inferiority with self-esteem.