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Poem        Brittle Man and Fragile Roses

Poem Brittle Man and Fragile Roses

Oh!  Servants of God, why are you woeful?
Is there God to see our agony? They ask.
Oh! men why are you asking questions? 
Because questions demolish your hopes,
Be zealous and vivacious for God is still alive.
    Oh! Roses, you are the embodiments of beauty; 
    You produce aroma in the midst of problems.
    Because when the wind blows on you-
    The thorns penetrate into you petals.
Oh! Servants, be is like roses, bear the unbearable.
Do not ask questions, be silent, and bear the unbearable.
Acquire juvenile strength, pray and act freely.
Everyone faces problems, you have more men.
Be courageous, stand firmly on your hopes.
If winter comes, can spring be far behind?
Surely God exists, He lovers you, wait for your springtime.