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After  my first book in Malayalam titled in English “IT IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU”, was published, an invalid youth wrote to me that he needs a copy of the book; The language as well a the handwriting of the letter was very impressive  and English words were used intermittently. The letter was conclude with seeking apology for any errors.  I assumed that the writer is well educated; I sent him a book; After a few days I received his call telling that he received it at a time when he has almost given up all hopes in life and the book had inspired him considerably. As I was talking , I recalled the  letter and the handwriting and appreciated him that when I saw his letter only I realized that he was a well talented person; It was unbelievable when he responded that mere nursery education he received was  his only foundation! I was shocked to hear that his parents did not enroll him in a school as he was physically disabled! Being 35 years old now, his world is closed within a room of his house! 
Is Invalidity an Obstacle ? :-
                   Whether invalidity is an obstacle is a  thought provoking question  in similar circumstances. His own parents judged his invalidity as his fate and locked him in doors, inhibiting even his right to be educated. But the below mentioned examples will prove that  physical disability is not  at all a hindrance for  personality development. 
>  NickVujucis
>   Louis Braille
> Helen Keller   
>   Joni Erickson 
Chapter 11 of this book illustrates Nick. He would not have reached the present status if invalidity could be an obstacle for personal progress. If instead of grieving and mourning for your shortcomings , if you convince yourself that God has a purpose and plan for what he has done, you won’t be worried any more. 
 The Secret Of Nick’s Life:-
? Trust in God
?  Encouraging parents
?  ability of positive thinking  
?  Goal oriented life
? willingness to accept positive aspect of everything
? Confidence that even though limbless, I too have the right to live in this world. 
   It is the lack of the above confidence that leads at least a few towards despair and break down. Recently, I had been meeting, communicating and exploring the lives of physically challenged people. That study lead me to certain conclusions 
 * Out of these, at least a few are convinced that their shortcomings are their strength. 
 * Those  who trust in God faced their disabilities boldly.
 * God had provided them with various talents to overcome their physical  shortcomings
*  All those who are born with congenital anomalies are willing to accept it.
*  Either their father or mother has a significant role behind their success.
 * None of them like other’s sympathy.
*  Their will power is comparatively higher than a normal individual.
*  Their understanding power is higher.
 * They realize that acceptance of God-given disability is the key to success.
The memory of Nick brought a different interpretation of Paul’s words to my mind
“ But God chose handless and feetless Nick  of this world to shame the ones with hands and feet, and eyeless Fanny Crosby to shame those who have eyes”. (1CORI 1:27)
Nothing happens without God’s consent:-
 Nothing happens in anyone’s life beyond  the awareness of God. Weakness, shortcomings, failures… all known to God: we ourselves could be the cause of them, yet God will not accuse and betray us. In some other instances, those could happen for the glory of God. In John chapter 9, when the disciples ask Jesus why the boy who was brought to him was born blind, Jesus replies “ for the glory of God to be revealed in him”.
God is able to manifest his work with or without healing. 
 Many expect miracles in everything; but God want to use some in the way they are. I love that God who give strength in weakness, than God who heals in weakness. 
 An English song goes this way
 ‘And now let the weak say I am strong;
 Let the poor say I am rich;
 Because of what the Lord has done for us
Give thanks ’